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Three Rules in Kindermusik

By August 6, 2013No Comments

077We SoundSteps Educators, have three rules in Kindermusik:

  1. Never judge a parent by the behavior of his/her child.
  2. Never judge a parent by her pedicure or lack thereof.
  3. Every child is perfect.

Now that you have those top three rules under your belt, take a deep breath and follow these “rules,” too.

  • When you get out of your car, leave all your parenting anxieties behind so you can just simply cherish this one-on-one with your precious child.
  • There is no right or wrong way to be at┬áKindermusik except that your child’s way is perfect, just for him/her, just for today.
  • Your baby can sing (vocalize) all she wants. Your toddler can wander. Your three-year-old can tell us endless stories. We love all of it!

But You, Mom and Dad, are perfect, too.

  • There is no right or wrong way to be at┬áKindermusik except that your way is perfect, just for your family, just for today.
  • You can wear your workout clothes.
  • You can sing out of tune.
  • You can dance like an awkward teenager.
  • Your child is nothing but enamored with you and that’s all that matters.

So when your child does something wacky/loud/out of character, every other parent in the room is figuratively holding your hand and thinking “Whew! I thought my child was the only one that did that!”
And when you notice another child has more _____ (fill in the blank: teeth, hair, motor skills, words) than yours, just remember they’ll all get these things in time.

Kindermusik is a community of support for both the children and adults, so please come to class knowing everyone in the room, especially we Educators, think you, Mom, are a superstar and you, Dad, are a rockstar! And your child–your gorgeous child–well, we’re pretty much in awe of your child. We couldn’t ask for a more precious person than that little genius you’re letting us sing and dance with.

So, again, deep breath. You are your child’s favorite. Enjoy that and the connection you make in class will be nothing short of magical.With love,
Your SoundSteps Kindermusik Educators
This post brought to you by Miss Lisa who’s first group of Kindermusik kids are headed off to college this year and they turned out pretty darn spectacularly!