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Summer Fun

By May 22, 2013No Comments

Summer is here! Whether you have babies, toddlers or school-age children, there’s something special about the vibe of the summer schedule. We eat more grilled food and maybe we eat outside more often. Pool parties or backyard parties happen more frequently. With the light lasting longer, bedtimes can become more relaxed.

As fun as a new routine can be, having a rough plan for the week can help to keep things in check and avoid the “I’m bored!” chants that inevitably prevail. Here are a few ideas to get you going.

  1. Kindermusik always fits! Register for a summer camp or class! It will be a weekly appointment to get together with friendly faces and give you and your little ones a shared experience that lasts throughout the week!
  2. Plan a standing park and picnic play date with friends! Whoever can make it, makes it. Don’t underestimate the power that comes from 60 minutes of connecting with another human who speaks in complete sentences and uses big words. And the energy that Junior expends will pay dividends during nap time, later.
  3. Check out your local library or museum‘s summer programs. Seeing the world through their eyes and discovering new things ┬ácan be some of the most precious times. Take pictures and videos–even if just on your phone–their little voices and faces are changing so fast and this was the first time they saw that dinosaur, or that waterfall, or that giant goldfish.

Download, print and laminate this great graphic to inspire you to plan your week and get the most out of summer!



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