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Summer Class Notes

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Read below to see what your child is learning and find fun online activities for the week.


Research consistently demonstrates the value of pretend play (or make-believe) in developing cognitive and social skills that are important to later school success.

Click to see this bath activity that will nurture pretend play, creativity, language and vocabulary, and improve ability to follow multi-step directions. —one of the primary ways young children learn about themselves and the world around them!

Beach Days: Make a Beach in a Bottle

The rest of Dallas dodged the rain while we were at the Kindermusik beach!

The rest of Dallas dodged the rain while we were at the Kindermusik beach!

Try this hands-on, do-it-together activity for exploration and learning!

  • Play with the sand before making your shaker. Talk about the unique properties of sand with your child. What does sand feel like? Where can we find sand? (Science)
  • Use your “beach” as a musical instrument! Encourage your child to create different sounds by moving the bottle at different speeds and in different rhythms. (Musical Development)
  • Hide one unique item (e.g., a special toy) inside the sand shaker and ask your child to search and find it. (Visual-Spatial Processing)
  • Ask your child to count how many shells they can find inside the sand shaker. After counting each item, can your child recall the total number of shells? (Mathematics – 1:1 Correspondence and Number Sense)

Carnival of Music: Vocabulary of Sounds

We all know it’s important for young children to develop a large vocabulary of words, but you may think less about how important it is for them to develop a large vocabulary of SOUNDS (Timbre). The ability to tell sounds apart is the foundation of phonemic awareness, which is absolutely essential to literacy. So try this listening game to nurture sound discrimination.

Young Child

Check your home activity cards for this week’s “homework” and benefits!