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As educators, we could tell you all about the physical, emotional, cognitive, social, and developmental benefits of Kindermusik–but nothing speaks louder than praise from our Kindermusik families! Here are a few REAL comments and insights into the benefits of Kindermusik. Below are a few comments from Kindermusik parents. You can also read more from more of our parents:  Raul and Christy, Charity, and Amy on the Blog!



Kindermusik has changed our lives and along with music came many lifelong friendships for me and my children. I am such a true believer in music shaping a child’s brain, Kindermusik is one of those things…I could not imagine our life without.


We love Kindermusik because it’s “our thing,” special time together for me and my daughter. I recommend Kindermusik to everyone I know with young children. It is the best money spent because the lessons last forever!


Kindermusik has many valuable aspects – music, play, socialization, child and parent interaction, singing and make believe. It is a happy time in the week that is fun for the whole family.


Kindermusik is a chance for my son to learn and explore through movement and music. It awakens his senses, teaches him valuable life skills, and provides bonding time for the two of us. He is so happy when he is in Kindermusik class!


When I went to a trial of Kindermusik I thought I was going to a singing class. It is so much more. Children learn to share, listen, express themselves and they don’t even know they are learning. They have so much fun and for my daughter, it increased her confidence 10-fold. Thank you, Kindermusik.


We have one little creative baby and have Kindermusik to thank!


We love Kindermusik because the music stays with us even when we aren’t in class and it brings smiles to both of our kids’ faces!


I love how to see how much my babies learn at Kindermusik, they have become a lot more social, outgoing and definitely more “musical” since we started attending.


Kindermusik is the one activity I would not give up for my child. I truly believe it encompasses so much of what’s important in the development of a child–from babies to older kids. It aids in physical development, emotional development, social development, imagination, cognitive development. It really is the one activity that includes it all.


Kindermusik is a safe and loving environment where your child is allowed to grow in all areas, not just music. A place to help create a very important bond between parent and child that will last a lifetime. A great music program with great, loving teachers that go above and beyond to get your child ready emotionally and verbally for the future ahead of them. We love it and we are proud to say we are part of a great community.


Love the musical magic Kindermusik has created in our family. We have enjoyed the classes for the past 7 years and never grow tired of hearing the CDs or enjoying the coordinating books. My 8-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter have developed a lifelong connection with music. We LOVE Kindermusik for providing us a musical family connection!


Kindermusik day is a favorite day at our house! My child will exclaim “Yay, Kindermusik today!” It’s a wonderful part of her week, spent with a wonderfully loving teacher!


After my middle son’s first Kindermusik class, I remember hearing him just talking, talking, talking in sweet baby language in the backseat of the car. He was so turned on by all that music and dancing that he couldn’t stop talking about it! I love Kindermusik because it is such a great time for kids and mommies to connect and share with one another and the love and learning continues at home as you sing the songs and talk about that experience! We know the music, the movements, and the emotional bond are good for our babies’ brains, but the parents get so much out of it, too. Plus, an environment of teachers loving on your babies and parents who are also dedicated is safe and supportive and wonderful.


Kindermusik is a time of the day that is 100% focused on my kids and their development using music, singing, dancing and play.


Kindermusik has blessed us with new friends! I love the connections I have made, not just with my daughter, but I know we have made a couple lifetime friends. I look forward to growing with these moms and their beautiful babies.