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Precious Nonsense plus A CONTEST!

By September 19, 20118 Comments

Funny words our children get wrong, but we never want to forget.Today on the Miss Lisa\’s Music blog, we want to give away a FREE MONTH of Kindermusik lessons! But, you have to sing for your supper, after all this is a music-based program. Read on to find out how you can be eligible.

They are born so tiny, so vulnerable, so needy. You anxiously await their first roll-over, their first cereal, their first army-crawl, their first steps, and of course, their first words. And then, they’re crawling up the stairs! And then they’re saying, “No, Mama! I do it!” And you’re thinking, why did I not realize how good I had it when I could leave them on a blanket with some toys and they stayed put and babbled happily!

Alas, we do not control the hands of time and so development continues at its own pace. All of the sudden, your baby is putting four and five-word sentences together and you understand him! And if that isn’t amazing enough, they start modifying and adding to the English language. There are the classic faux pas like: puh-sketti or the way they think the alphabet involves a few letters in the beginning, a big one (elemenopee) in the middle, and a few more at the end. And then, there are the original creations that you hope you never forget. For me, they are straw-babies (strawberries) and turkeyfly (butterfly). And then one of my favorites (which is quite useful): lasterday: a day some time in the last few days, but not exactly yesterday.¬†They correct themselves all too soon and we hope we never forget those little voices and those little mis-spoken words. *sigh*

And now for THE CONTEST! We’d love for you to share the Kindermusik by Miss Lisa\’s Music website, blog, and Facebook page with your friends! All three are a great place to keep up with the Kindermusik happenings and share in the experiences that we can learn and laugh about. We will be giving away a FREE MONTH of Kindermusik classes¬†to one lucky winner! Here are three different ways your name will go into the cyber-hat:

  1. Leave a comment here about a silly word that your toddler uses that you hope you never forget (one comment per household)
  2. Share this post on your personal Facebook page
  3. LIKE our Facebook Page for the first time

Contest ends Friday, September 23rd at 7:00p.m. (CST). Each person can be eligible by all three means of entering, increasing your chances to win. Winner will be announced the following Monday morning.