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New Music and Activities!

By October 14, 2013October 16th, 2013No Comments

Infants and 1s: Bluebird, Bluebird

Bluebird, Bluebird: Chirp! Tweet! Quack! Bluebird, Bluebird is a sound-rich flight (of fancy) into the sky, where you’ll explore birds, feathers, and the outdoors.

1s and 2s: Around The House

Around the House: Home is where the heart is-but also where the cooking, eating, playtime, bathtime, and pets are! Around the House makes its way through the typical routines and day-parts, from active games and play-alongs to calming, rocking lullabies.

2s and 3s: Pet Parade

Pet Parade: Gather your critters; it’s time for some fun! We will use our bodies and imaginations to gallop like horses, scamper like mice, “swim” our hands, and fly scarves like birds-all the while developing motor skills, vocabulary, imagination, and more. Woof, meow, neigh, squeak, or blub-blub-blub… Everyone is welcome in this fun, adorable, and lovably ridiculous Pet Parade!

3s and 4s: Carnival of Music

Carnival of Music: Children are natural music makers. They hum while they play, sing along with songs, and can make almost anything into a drum!  In this unit, you will play lots and lots of different instruments, and also learn all about the carnival through sounds, stories, songs, and games. So, step right up-we’re off to the Carnival of Music!

4 – 6 and Families: Join The Parade

Join The Parade: In Join the Parade, everyone gets to be in the band! Move to parade and march music, learn to identify woodwind instruments, learn about music concepts piano (quiet) and forte (loud), and meet Henry, who creates his own musical parade…by accident!

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