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Your first week of a new Kindermusik Theme

By January 16, 2015No Comments

Isn’t it nice to have 2 new CDs?!OurTime

Listen to your first CD, as I say, “as much as you can tolerate” these first weeks. The more familiar you and your child are, the more your child will enjoy class.
Children crave repetition and routine, that’s a good thing. When you’re brand new to this world, or just finding your way around, or just discovering new words or moves…it’s nice to be able to have something recognizable. That’s the benefit of playing those CDs all week long, then hearing the same music in class with the synergy of an ensemble (other families) and all the positive emotion connections that are part of it.Village

So class itself is meant to be a way to experience the music as a group, but then also, a starting point for your musical week.

At the core of the Kindermusik philosophy is the idea that the home is the most important learning environment and the parent is the child’s best teacher. Using Kindermusik@Home is the most effective way to get the full Kindermusik experience and ensure your child is truly benefitting from early exposure to music and movement. The time you spend with your child in your home environment reinforces classroom learning and enhances his/herImagineThat growth and development. Most importantly, it strengthens the bond between your child and you.

So your “homework” for this first week is just to listen as much as you can.

Which song is already stuck in your head? Which song does your child keep asking for? Leave a comment below.