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Music Moves You!

By July 30, 2012No Comments

Have you been noticing your baby or toddler grooving to that funky beat? Watching your little ones enjoy music at such an early age is adorable and incredibly Youtube-able, but did you know that there is science behind your tiny dancing machines? One study found that babies may be born with a predisposition for moving to rhythmic sounds. If that isn’t cute enough, the study also finds that when babies hit the beat just right, they smile more. For music loving parents, this has got to be one of the sweetest things to witness.

Further research shows that babies may process tone and rhythm before they understand language. Music has also been found to be effective in babies born premature. Some hospitals may use soothing music to calm and reduce stress and pain as they undergo numerous tests and exams. Ultimately, premature babies exposed to music often are led to gain weight faster and heal quicker.

Music therapists report that babies respond most to high frequency sounds like violins. Mozart’s music features violins frequently and is often recommended for infants. Additionally, you may notice that playing soft lullabies helps your baby sleep. The same goes for soothing nature sounds, like the ocean or quiet wind.

As for toddlers, music is great for encouraging movement which benefits motor skills. A lot of the time, toddlers can get down and boogie to almost any style of music, but experts suggest avoiding intense head-banging type tunes. This could also be the perfect opportunity to expose your kids to music from different cultures such as African and Brazilian music which have great beats to move to.

Music is a powerful force at any age. As adults, our favorite songs can transport us to happy times and evoke fond memories and get our heads bobbin’ and shoulders shakin’. So get up onto the dance floor with the whole family – whether it’s the kitchen with a wooden spoon microphone, or riding in the car on the way to the grocery store. The benefits of music are plentiful and the fun will be immeasurable!