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Music is a natural language for all children. This is why you hear children singing made-up stories to themselves, singing “Nanny-nanny-boo-boo,” and humming in the swing. Although it doesn’t come as naturally to most parents, we should be “speaking” the language of music with our children on a daily basis. We should be using music as to make emotional and brain connections with our little ones, encouraging their own musical playfulness, and having fun along the way! Not only does music come naturally to children, but it is the most powerful tool for development and learning in so many areas! Music + Brain = MAGIC!

The evidence is overwhelming. There are many brain-based, research-based reasons children need music in their lives:

  • Music makes for stronger memory connections.
  • There is a strong connection between music and math.
  • Music improves literacy skills.
  • Music improves oral language and listening skills.
  • Music improves comprehension.
  • Music improves social-emotional skills.

These are wonderful benefits of music that I, as a Kindermusik teacher and a mom of two toddlers, get super-excited about.

Kindermusik gives me the songs to sing! As I go through daily life with my children, singing just makes it more fun and meaningful. Thanks to Kindermusik, I have songs for our routine: waking up, getting dressed, in the car, bath-time, meal-time, bedtime. I have songs for the places we go: doctor, grocery store, school, zoo, aquarium, park, friend’s house. I have songs for the sights we see: squirrels, dogs, cats, farms, taxis, birds, you name it…I have songs for the food we eat, and I even have a song for finding my car keys! Through music, the mundane moments are transformed into learning moments, like MAGIC!

Kindermusik gives me great quality time with my children! In one 45-minute class, I can accomplish all the to-do’s from my personal parenting mantra: “Play, Laugh, Sing, Read, Listen, Hug”, and this just makes the rest of the day go better. Check out the schedule of classes and register today, we have a spot for you and your little ones!

Written by Ms. Lowry