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Moments Matter More

By January 15, 2014No Comments
Knock those frowns down!

Knock those frowns down!

Do you ever feel like the things that aren’t going quite right in life–the job (or lack of), that friend or relative, the bank account, the mess, the muffin top or the number on the scale–are bullies?! They’re loud! They push you around! They demand your attention and your thoughts! They wreak havoc in your day! They steal your smile!

But like a bully, they back down easily in the face of light, truth and strength. There are so many more glorious moments that matter more in a day that top the short list of stressful, bullying problems. But, do we take the breath to notice each moment? I think it takes practice. I think it takes discipline and choice. But I think it makes all the difference. It’s like that old Disney movie, Pollyanna, she was relentless to see the good in a challenge. Everyone around her tried to tell her she was wrong and crazy, but she enjoyed the game in finding something for which to be grateful! And it changed the whole town!

Have you ever encountered the bitter, cynical person who never has anything good to say? It comes from a practice of embracing disappointment, insecurity, sadness, struggle. Can we then practice the opposite? And can we do so so that we can share our joy with others because we have an abundance? Be kind to yourself, because it allows you to have room to be kind to others; your spouse, your children, your family, your friends.

Don’t like what you see in the mirror? Be thankful you’re healthy! And have the opportunity to keep working on it!

Don’t like your job situation? Who are you with today who needs you and what you can give?

Don’t like that pile of bills? Put some music on and make a list of what there is. Banish the dread and just dig in.

Don’t like the mess and the cranky kids? Take a cue from Kindermusik and sing and dance the toys and laundry back to where they belong.

There are so many moments in the day that matter more than whatever it is that is worrying you or making you think negatively. You always have options. Make the first one to choose to smile and breathe and notice the moments that matter more.

This post brought to you by Jenny Leggett, who is learning the magic of this everyday.