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LIVE Music in Dallas for the Holidays

By December 3, 2013No Comments
Little Drummer BoyWhen I do large demo classes with a sound system, I move around and interact with the children, which leaves many little ones thinking that I am a robot coming from a speaker. I see it happen all the time. I ask a question, “What move can you do?” They stop, look up at the speaker, and then proudly tell it, “I like to jump!”
I wave my hands and say, “I’m over here, would you like to tell me?” They repeat themselves…to the speaker!
Alas, our children have a very different understanding of gadgets than we can even fathom. Tiny devices allow them to see and talk to grandparents, play music, and watch videos. But where DOES music come from? How is music made? By pushing a button?
Our children need to learn that music comes from actual, physical instruments. An understanding of what a true instrument looks and sounds like is a very important piece in your child’s understanding the world of sound, physics, cause-effect and so much more. In other words, there is a big difference between a recording and live music-making.
And because we adults need a little more exposure to LIVE music, we’d encourage you at this particular time of year, to get out there and enjoy music being made. Whether you want to brave the Symphony or just catch a school group at Northpark, in December, there’s something every single day for every budget and every taste. We cannot begin to name them all but here are a few starting points to get you out there. Hopefully you’ll find something where your child can even move to the beat or get close to the performers!

Please list your favorite live music events in our comments below. Let’s see how many we can name!

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