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We are excited to announce a NEW addition to the Kindermusik family…

Kindermusik@home logo

What is Kindermusik@Home?

Kindermusik@Home is the all-new way that you can take the magic of class time home with you–where THE MOST magic happens. At the core of the Kindermusik philosophy is the idea that the home is the most important learning environment and the parent is the child’s best teacher. This is not “screen time” in the passive sense, it is a whole new set of easily accessible and practical tools that you will be able to use on the devices that you already have in your home and on the go. It’s portable Kindermusik! Every four weeks, you will receive an email with a link to access your new music and activities for Kindermusik. That’s a lot of new music! But this is a brand new experience for you and a brand new journey for us at SoundSteps. So let’s take a moment to answer some of your questions.

Why will I LOVE Kindermusik@Home?Kindermusik@Home ebooks

  • You will LOVE the new, high-quality, digital materials to watch, dance with, and sing with!
  • You will LOVE getting NEW music and activities more often–every four weeks!
  • You will LOVE the support and direction for how to use technology wisely and safely!
  • You will LOVE all of the extra language-rich, in-your-lap, touching, playing, hugging, parent-child connecting that will happen at home!

Kindermusik@Home activitiesHow can I use Kindermusik@Home?

    • Music downloads How many times do they love to repeat favorite songs, rhymes, and stories? Well, now you have access to it all, anywhere, on any device!
    • Literature books in e-book format. Flip through the pages with the audio on or off. Download the e-book and print it out, if you prefer.
    • Child Development Info is available in the The Why It’s Good for Your Child area explaining why these educational activities for kids are useful, important, or developmentally significant.
    • Download Center will provide you with printable activity pages and, for the first time, Printable Lyrics Pages for all of the songs in the unit.
    • Activity buttons lead to a variety of different activity types Kindermusik@Home Educational Activities for Kids like:
          • dance and movement instructions
          • finger-play demonstrations and instructions
          • together-in-the-kitchen activities
          • music time
          • listening games
          • vocal play activities
          • video field trips
          • find-it/count-it style activities
          • ideas for pretend play
          • and more!

As we all become more familiar with this new set of tools, let us know how you use Kindermusik@Home–at Grandma’s house, at the doctor’s office, waiting in line somewhere, a long road trip, and at home with the whole family! We’ll be posting more and more too, making sure that you use and LOVE Kindermusik@Home!

Kindermusik@Home Video

Here’s a sample Kindermusik@Home video! CLICK to watch!


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