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Kindermusik for YOU

By September 13, 2013No Comments

Kindermusik for You is our title, but here are some applicable alternate titles:

  • Kindermusik: Way Cheaper than Therapy
  • For All Those Times at Home When You Just Need a Song to Sing Instead of Crying
  • Because You May Have Told the Checkout Girl at the Grocery Store More Than She Needed to Know But You Don’t Have Time to Get Together With Other Adults In Your Non-Existent Free Time
Kindermusik Class

Note the smiles–all around. 🙂

There are so many reasons we could tell you about why your child should come to Kindermusik. Like, how good it is for early language development, self-regulation, motor skills, social skills, cognitive development, emotional growth, and musicality. We have pages and pages of research, years and years of experience, and oodles and oodles of smiles for miles.

Today, we’re going get super-real and talk about why YOU need Kindermusik. Whether you’re a new parent, a parent of multiples, a stay-at-home dad, a working mom, a nanny, a granny, or whatever fits: Having children is a great leveler. Yes, they’re each unique. But, they all come with quirks and phases that at one time or another is going to threaten your sanity. Now, every one of our Educators are experts at what they do. They have research and experience-based ideas and strategies for bedtime and nap time routines, getting-ready routines, bath time routines, and oh so much more. They do what they do because they can’t get enough of the magic of the smiles and the milestones of YOUR child. But even more than that, they love encouraging and loving YOU and your whole family. The moments that a class experiences together are lifetime memories where we  all grow together.

Frustrated with your two-year old that will NOT stay in bed through the night? Let it out, sister! Chances are, there are three or four other similar stories in that room with you–she looks normal! She’s still walking and talking, maybe I’ll make it too! Sometimes, it just helps to know that you’re not alone on this journey. Or, maybe someone had success with a particular trick that you’d like to try. The word “community” comes from the Latin “commūnitās”  equivalent to “commūni” or “common.” When we share what we have in common we become a community, and that is a precious and valuable association in this life.

Is bath time or the car ride a constant trigger for crying and fussing? You need a song! You need something that will keep you from crying, too! And through the magic of music, that song might become the replacement behavior for your baby’s tearful response. See? Kindermusik helped your baby sing a new song and gave you that little helping hand to get to the next spot. Sometimes, that’s all we need for the time being.

Do you find yourself over-sharing with complete strangers about your four-year-old’s bathroom habits or strong-willed independence? Step into the zone, the four-year-old zone. Where every parent in there has an appreciation for your topic of conversation. There will be some laughter, maybe some tears, but always an encouraging word and a shot in the arm of “it’s going to be okay.” Pretty soon, class time turns into a park and coffee play date where four-year-olds play with each other and moms talk shop. This is what we call multi-tasking where everyone wins!

Yes, we’re Kindermusik, and we know our stuff, but we’re happy to be the facilitator of friendships and community that helps all to realize that we’re in this together and we ALL have more to learn. See YOU in class!