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Class Highlight

Kindermusik Magic Moves

By January 27, 2014No Comments
Kindermusik magic movesI notice if I just sing the song and model, my child can do anything.”
That, my friends, is Kindermusik! Plain and simple. Nothing more, nothing less. No instructions, no owners manual necessary.
If you want a musical child; if you want an eager learner; if you want a confident child who is connected with you; if you want a happy child who is engaged in what’s happening; if you want a verbal child with a language-rich environment; if you want a child who can knows how to move his/her body comfortably…
I’ll say it again, a little differently:
Your child can do anything. Just sing a song and model the moves.
This update brought to you by Miss Lisa, who never gets over the magic of music.