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Yellow submarineA couple weeks ago my husband, Chris, and I headed down to Temple, TX , where we are both from, to enjoy a day with our family. We are always excited to see our family, but especially thrilled to hug and play with our amazing nephews, Aidan (3yrs) and Jameson (10 months).

The plan for Saturday morning was to go out to a friend’s farm and take some family photos. Now, I love family photos. I love taking photos; I love watching people take photos, the set-up, choosing the outfits, making sure everyone is coordinated, wanting to see the photos as soon as they’re taken…etc. On Saturday I especially loved that we were all together and getting to enjoy each other’s company (even if the wind was insisting on blowing my hair across my face every time I heard the “click” of the shutter).

We made it through about two hours of photo-taking…but, then, Aidan and Jameson hit their limit! As much as I love taking photos, there comes that point when you’ve smiled all you can smile and you’re just ready for some air conditioning and a really big ice cream. But, we just had to get a few more pictures! We huddled under a huge oak tree and got ready for the last round. Right at that moment, Aidan was just tired of taking pictures and standing still and wanted to explore! So, what did we do? What any family would do in that situation! We started to sing! At the leadership of papa (grandpa), we burst into one of papa’s favorite songs to sing with Aidan, “We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine. We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine!”

Aidan was able to smile at that and we all sang through our teeth as we grinned and tried not to laugh too much. In that moment I was reminded it just feels good to sing! Singing makes us laugh, sometimes helps us cry and brings us together.

One of the goals of Kindermusik class is to “promote spontaneous family music making in daily rituals at home.” The songs you learn in Kindermusik, and other songs your family loves, can bring a smile and might just help you get through that long car ride or shopping trip or family photo session!

Just keep singing!

This post brought to you by Miss Chelsea!