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It’s a SoundSteps Pep Rally!

By February 6, 2012No Comments


When we read this article about practical tips that can help prepare kids academically and socially, Miss Lisa and I lit up with a thousand follow-up thoughts, aggressive head-nods and out-loud exclamations of agreement! After-all, it’s not as if you’ve never heard some of these things spelled out on this very blog.

We love babies at Kindermusik!At the risk of being redundant, we just want you to have as much information as you can to understand and be encouraged that the job you’re doing is important and valuable and don’t let anyone ever look down on you for what you’re doing and the intentional choices you make for your children on a daily basis!! It’s daily! It’s monotonous! Not everything works everyday! But, it matters. And you are your child’s best advocate.

Happy Monday! Make it a great week!

This post brought to you by Jenny Leggett, who would high-five each and every one of you if she could.