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It all starts with a pedicure

By February 29, 2012No Comments
Toes, Toes! Anything Goes!

Toes, Toes! Anything Goes!

We’ve all been there, right outside the Kindermusik room, that is. You’re taking off shoes and you look down. “Ugh! I should’ve worn socks today! I really need a pedicure.”

The rule in Kindermusik is that we never judge–we never judge a parent by her (or his) pedicure or lack thereof.  It starts there. There is no judgement at Kindermusik.

Have you been up half the night? We still love your child.

Do you need to lose some pregnancy weight? We didn’t know you how you looked pre-baby so hey, we think you look pretty darn good. In fact, even when you’re exhausted and at your wits end, we are highly impressed that you even made it out of the house in one piece AND that your child is wearing clean clothes. Add a matching hairbow or great socks and we think you’ve really got it going on. Congratulations! You’ve managed to feed and nourish and clothe your child and get them to a scheduled activity. We think that’s pretty commendable in itself.

So we’re dancing and your baby promptly shows us his lunch? No problem. It’s all in fun. And believe me, we’ve seen it all.

Has your active toddler found her squealing voice? No worries. Kindermusik is the one place we won’t give you a dirty look because of your noisy child. In fact, we kinda like all that “vocalization.” (We may just help offer to redirect it a bit.)

Does your child get a little too “huggy” with his classmates? No judgement here. It’s all love, right? If there’s anything we’ve learned over the years, it’s that your child is his/her own person! And no matter how much you’ve taught him/her not to do something, sometimes he/she is gonna do it anyway . We never judge a parent by a child’s behavior.  We are here to love your child and support you as you try to give him or her the best start possible with music. Moreover, we’re here for Mom and Dad to say, “This is a place you can find support, and a little breathing room, too.” No dirty looks. No tsk tsk’s. No ssshhhing. We’re here to help, not judge.

So no worries if you have a spot of spit up…right…there. We’re just glad you got out of the house and came to play. In fact, we’re in awe if your child is wearing more than a diaper. Really. You’ve got the hardest job in the world and as rewarding as it may be, there is no time off and there are no breaks. We commend you and want to encourage you.

So whether you’re overdue for a pedicure or haven’t showered or your child is the fussiest in the room, we are just so glad to see you. As one of our songs says, “Toes, toes, anything goes!”