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We hope you like our new site. Here are some tips for using the new enrollment system:

REGISTER TODAY: Save your spot in your child’s favorite class.

NEXT…Your credit card will NOT be charged now, but on Sept 1 for your first month’s payment. Most classes are $66 per child per month. Charges will be made each subsequent month through April 1. You’re all set for the entire school year! Withdraw anytime with 30 days written notice.

Important Instructions

  • Do not select select “Already a customer.” (It’s a new system, so you’re a NEW CUSTOMER.)
  • How did you hear about us? Enter RETURNING FAMILY (this ensures you won’t pay the $20 new family fee)  
  • How should we charge you? Choose applicable discounts here at registration! (siblings, materials, etc)

You’ll get a pop up on the screen and an email confirmation if all is successful.
Once you’ve completed the registration, please let us know if you have concerns or find any difficulty with using our new system.