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Happy Easter!

By March 28, 2012No Comments
Wheat grass and eggs

Grow containers of wheat grass!

Here we are! Spring has sprung and Easter is around the corner. Do you dress up in sundresses and hats for the girlies and ties for the little boys? Do you go to church and get together for a family dinner? Do you color eggs and hide them? Or maybe the Easter bunny hides them and you hunt for them on Easter afternoon? Do you put quarters in plastic eggs and maybe a five dollar bill in one lucky finder’s egg? My eight year old loves the egg toss game that Grammy always has for us after Easter dinner. They’re all supposed to be boiled eggs, but Grammy loves a good prank and sure enough, there’s always a raw egg in there!

It’s another opportunity to establish your family’s traditions. It’s great to carry some over from the way you grew up, but maybe you’d like to change it up too and add  your own traditions as a new family. Maybe it’s all fun, or maybe it has a deeper meaning. Don’t worry about pleasing everyone or living up to unreal expectations. Keep it simple, be intentional and make it sustainable–who knows how many kids you might have to keep this up for!

Who needs another basket? Maybe you use and store the same ones each year. If you do, nice work! If you keep buying new baskets each year, think about getting a little creative this year. How about a nice square basket with a fabric liner that can be re-purposed in his bedroom to hold books? Maybe a sand bucket and shovel are your base and you add more Easter treats. For little girls, buy a cute little purse or tote that you can load with sunglasses, gum, crayons and paper, etc. Think outside the basket and start with spending that money on something that can have a real purpose beyond holding plastic grass and chocolate bunnies.

Who needs more sugar? Ugh. The management of the sugar intake is never-ending. And yet, those are often the first five things that come to mind when you think of filling the Easter baskets: Peeps, chocolate bunnies, malted eggs, and jelly beans. I love the suggestions from Design Mom Gabrielle Blair like puzzles, paper dolls, sticker books, Playdoh, yo-yos, and art supplies. Do grandparents need some hints and ideas? How about finding a Kindermusik gift certificate in one of those plastic eggs?

Easter garden

From our Pinterest Boards

Who loves a happy ending? The Easter story is a big one! This Easter garden is a great centerpiece for your table for you and your children to make together. We found it on Pinterest. There are few things more precious than sharing these important Bible stories with our little ones. I can still hear their little voices re-telling the story with such joy saying, “But then He rosed again!”

What are some of your ideas?

This post brought to you by Jenny Leggett who went and had two children with birthdays around Easter time! Save me from all of the celebrations! J/K!