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Class Highlight

Grammies, Nanas, Mimis, and MORE!

By September 9, 2012No Comments

Kindermusik by SoundSteps of Dallas GrandmasWe love meeting Grandparents in Kindermusik. It’s so much fun to hear every Grandparent’s story about how they got their name.  Some Grandmas are just too young to take on that label and prefer a hipper name: Bebe, GG, Sassy. Others are more traditional: Granny, Mimi (a southern favorite), and Nana. Some say they’ll take whatever name the first grandchild gives them. And others say they’ve waited years to be a Grandma and Grandma they shall be.

Regardless of what we call them, we’ll take them in Kindermusik any day—whether as an occasional visitor or a regular partner for the participating child. It’s really fun for everyone to have an adult age-mix in class and frankly, so important for the children to recognize multiple generations.

So let’s tell you about some of the standouts and favorite memories we’ve built.

The first grandma I can remember in Kindermusik was “Dot-T.” I’m not sure if her grandchildren (both in Dallas and Austin) would have taken Kindermusik if it weren’t for Dot-T. Kindermusik was first priority for those babies and she insisted on participating with them every week. She was dedicated not only to giving them the gift of music but also building and nurturing their relationship. She gave them music for years with us—Kindermusik, piano, and guitar lessons!

Similarly, we have many grandparents go don’t necessarily participate week to week but help make music a priority by giving a gift that “lasts a lifetime” with a full or partial gift certificate to Kindermusik. Birthday ideas, anyone?

But let’s talk about the fun we have in class:
We ask a lot, physically, of the participating adults in Kindermusik. We love having Grandparents in class because it reminds the others that “Hey, if Grandma can ‘Roll Over Rover’, well I can, too!” I remember one class hesitant to do the Crab ride in the Ocean summer class. (For those who haven’t been lucky enough to experience it, try this: Sit on the floor, then boost yourself up on your hands and feet only, tushie off the floor. Now walk sideways like a crab! But wait, there’s more! Now take a 25+ pound toddler and sit him or her crossways across your belly, feet hanging off. That’s it!)
Ok, so if Granny (aka, Archer and Linus’ Grandma) can pull this off, we all can give it a go. No excuses accepted.

Ms. Jennifer remembers this precious moment:
One day during our Village class (almost 2 years ago now), we were singing “Skinnamarink”. Ellie’s grandmother was holding and dancing with her. As we paused on the “I love you” part, Ellie said that sweet phrase to her grandmother. That day was the first time she heard those special words from her granddaughter.

Ms. Lowry recalls another sweet memory:
I remember having “Neen” (a Grandma) on Wednesdays last semester with her granddaughter. Then, she brought her grandson the next day on Thursdays to Miss Jennifer’s class – same music and activities.  She always knew the music and sang along, but got to enjoy a completely different experience with each grandchild.

Really, it just doesn’t get any better than that. In the Village Class for babies (0-1.5 years), we’ll be singing all sorts of snugly lullabies that grandmas will love to sing with those precious babies. Classes start this week, but join anytime for plenty of songs and snuggles.

We wish we could tell you about them all. Please share your favorite musical memories with your Grandparents, whether in class or at home.