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Getting to know Miss Joanna

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JOANNAWhat can families expect from Miss Joanna’s class?

I am a Lakewood resident and a mostly-at-home mom to my 17-month old daughter, so I feel like I have a lot in common with the families who are in my classes.  It’s fun seeing Kindermusik families outside of class in LECPTA playgroups or at Lakewood park.  I think this strengthens my relationship with the families I teach and helps the children to feel comfortable with me more quickly.  I want children who come to my classes to feel welcome, like we’re just playing and learning in one of our homes.

Why Miss Joanna loves the Kindermusik way!

I have known and respected the Kindermusik curriculum for a long time.  It was twelve years ago when I taught my first Kindermusik class in Indianapolis!  However, what has sold me the most on Kindermusik lately is being a parent of a Kindermusik toddler.  I am amazed at how much my daughter has learned from the songs and activities, especially those that I reinforce at home. I really recommend that parents sing, dance, and improvise with the songs as much as you can at home and work them into your daily routines for maximum learning benefits!  Seeing my daughter’s linguistic, musical, and personal growth has confirmed what I already believed about music’s ability to teach to the whole child.

What amazes Miss Joanna about class time?

I could write an essay on the importance of music and movement!  So many studies have shown that when children are learning in multiple ways (kinesthetic, aural, and visual domains) and additionally are engaged emotionally and socially, that everything just clicks!  Kindermusik engages so many aspects of a child that learning is natural and fun.

What are some of the common, yet extraordinary things that happen in class that make Miss Joanna want to teach again and again?

When a shy toddler comes out of his shell and starts laughing, dancing, and playing in class; when a little baby turns her head to me, maintains eye contact, and listens intently to my voice; when a preschooler first “finds” his singing voice or learns to love the freedom of twirling and galloping… these are a few of the many things that are wonderful about teaching young children music.

Miss Joanna and SoundSteps

Lisa [Muratore] and Kathy [Bouchard] are very supportive of each of us as teachers, and all of us educators are eager to help each other grow professionally and personally.  We hope this feeling of family transfers to all of the parents, caregivers, and children who walk into our classrooms.

You can read more about Miss Joanna’s background and education on our Staff page and you can contact her via email at Tell us what YOU like about Miss Joanna’s classes in the comment section below!

Register today for one of Miss Joanna’s fun-filled, learning-filled, memory-making classes!

Imagine That on Fridays, 10:00am-10:45pm at Lakewood United Methodist
Our Time  on Fridays, 9:05am-9:50am at Lakewood United Methodist
Our Time  on Fridays, 10:00am-10:45am at Lakewood United Methodist
Village on Fridays, 11:00am-11:45am at Lakewood United Methodist