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Getting to Know Miss Jenni!

By January 17, 2013One Comment

JenniPurser-copyWhat can families expect from Miss Jenni’s class?

Wow…this is a hard one…I think you should ask the parents 😉  I guess I would say that I try to be authentic in every aspect of my class — from my preperation, to my interaction with the caregiver/child as they walk in the room, to my honesty about being SO stressed 20 minutes earlier because I realized my 2 year old had hidden my keys.  I think (I hope!) that the parents and children feel that I am a genuine teacher, person, and friend.

Why Miss Jenni loves the Kindermusik way!

I first sought out Kindermusik after I had been teaching public school music for a few years.  I was beginning to get an itch for something different.  So, I googled (that’s totally a verb, right??) “Kindermusik Dallas” and the SoundSteps website popped up.  I called up Lisa, we instantly clicked, and before I knew it I was sitting in on her classes and signing a contract.  I remember having a “perma-smile” during/after the first few classes I observed with Lisa — I was in HEAVEN!  After becoming a teacher AND mother, I learned that these children are more than cute, bright-eyed faces.  These children are little balls of clay who I have the honor and privilege to help mold in these early and crucial years — and all the while have FUN doing it!

What amazes Miss Jenni about class time?

For every child who’s little light “comes on” — it’s absolutely amazing every.single.time.  I think the coolest part is the surge of confidence you see all over their face and body language when it happens.  So, so cool.  I think music and movement are the most natural ways for children to explore and PRACTICE and try things out with no expectations of it being “right” or “wrong”.  There are no expectations in Kindermusik and I love that.

What are some of the common, yet extraordinary things that happen in class that make Miss Jenni want to teach again and again?

Hugs and kisses from my sweet kiddos!  I hate when class is over (I just want it to keep going!) but I also love it — because it means they all charge toward me for a big hug and I usually get a few slobbery kisses on the cheek too.

Miss Jenni and SoundSteps

I love the SoundSteps family!  I absolutely feel 100% valued.  I feel so lucky to have co-workers who are also FRIENDS.  I have been able to share personal struggles, triumphs, and everything in between.  I have learned SO much from them and now with a few years under my belt, I feel like I am able to help others grow as well.

You can read more about Miss Jenni’s background and education on our Staff page and you can contact her via email at Tell us what YOU like about Miss Jenni’s classes in the comment section below!

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Our Time  on Thursdays, 10:00am-10:45am at Highlands Christian Church (Lake Highlands)
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