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Getting to Know Miss Diana!

By January 17, 2013No Comments

Diana TaylorWhat can families expect from Miss Diana’s class?

Becoming a first time parent is a wonderful life changing experience, but if this huge life change is not everything you hoped it would be, it can be hard to discuss these surprising feelings.  The Village class at St. Alcuin is a safe place where new parents can feel comfortable sharing their fears and accomplishments in their new role and feel encouraged about their decisions.  Of course the music will accompany all of our activities and provide strategies to not only survive but thrive in the first year of parenthood.

Why Miss Diana loves the Kindermusik way!

As a music educator in the public schools I had always heard about Kindermusik, but it wasn’t until I saw pictures and a video of my niece in her own Village class that I was completely sold.  Watching the joy on her face and in my sister-in-law as Haley played instruments and rode in her laundry basket got me hooked!  When I became a teacher I was pleasantly surprised by the up-to-date research and vast repertoire of the curriculum.  The home materials though are one of the best parts of Kindermusik, since they empower parents to continue the music making at home.

What amazes Miss Diana about class time?

As new parents we are told over and over again to read and sing to our babies, but sometimes you wonder if any of it is sinking in.  And then one day, you hear a tiny bit of what could possibly pass for “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” from your toddler, or your baby starts to clap and is only happy as long as you continue to chant “Patty Cake.”  Music provides patterns and structure for our babies longing to make sense of their new world.

What are some of the common, yet extraordinary things that happen in class that make Miss Diana want to teach again and again?

Watching children start to put things together either by singing a few words of a familiar song or coming up with an answer to a leading question for the first time.  For example, when the class is asked for a certain move to do, and a non-verbal toddler will start clapping or stomping.  You know that they can understand and have motor skills to show what they want, so the verbal skills will eventually develop as well.  Being an observer to their learning is such a privilege.

Miss Diana and SoundSteps

The other Kindermusik educators at SoundSteps are extremely helpful with any questions that come up in preparing lessons or problem solving.  Each teacher is valued for their unique gifts and our opinions are respected.

You can read more about Miss Diana’s background and education on our Staff page and you can contact her via email at Tell us what YOU like about Miss Diana’s classes in the comment section below!

Register today for one of Miss Diana’s fun-filled, learning-filled, memory-making classes!

Our Time  on Wednesdays, 9:00am-9:45am at St. Alcuin Montessori (North Dallas)
Village on Wednesdays, 10:00am-10:45am at St. Alcuin Montessori (North Dallas)
Young Child on Thursdays at 4:00pm-4:55pm at St. Alcuin Montessori (North Dallas)