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Parents and baby in Kindermusik class

photo courtesy of Kindermusik International

Are you sleeping, Brother John?

Poor Baby Brother, he gets dragged to every dance class and gets no activity that is “his!” And poor Baby Sister, how many times in and out of the car seat does she go? Between Preschool, the grocery store, soccer practice…Let’s face it, Baby Brother craves one-on-one with Mama and Baby Sister delights in her own class!

For perspective, we do offer family classes for siblings and that are always a blast, but this is more about that little one who just might go from activity to activity with big bro or big sis with little quality interaction or stimulation.

These are some words from moms who are doing class with a second or third child, guaranteeing that one-on-one time with the little one (who maybe gets shuffled around a little more than you’d like).

“My first baby enjoyed Kindermusik so much.  It was such a special bonding time for us, and it greatly influenced how I interacted with her outside of class.  I always feel that it’s hard to share one-on-one bonding time with my second baby, particularly since his older sister wants every bit of my attention focused on her.  I like knowing that at least once every week there will be one hour set aside where I can focus solely on my baby, and I am excited to bring home all our class experiences in hopes of sneaking in a few more bonding moments at home.” –Kristen

“I cherish the time I have with my 2nd precious girl in Kindermusik. It allows me to focus on her without any distractions.  She is so happy and I can feel our special connection in and out of class. She loves the songs and games we play throughout the day. We are a Kindermusik family, it brings us closer and big sister is always excited to learn the songs from baby’s class.” –Marissa

“Having had our twins in Kindermusik for several semesters, we know the benefits of this amazing program. We wanted to give our third baby the chance to experience the fun as well. We have found that she, of course, LOVES the class, but also that it is the one time during our week that is reserved just for her. This opportunity to give her one on one attention and bonding while in the midst of a wonderful learning environment is such a blessing for us both!! Miss Lisa continues to deliver!! Thank you!!” –Christi

“I love doing Kindermusik with my son. As a mother of two, it’s so important to spend quality time with each child. Kindermusik makes that a special time for me and Cameron to focus on each other. I love having one hour a week to play, dance and bond with him just mother and son. I love seeing how much he enjoys class too!” –Ashley

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