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Get Cozy!

By November 5, 2013No Comments

Do you ever just get the itch to change things up in your house, but don’t know what you would do and don’t want to bust the budget? The weather is changing, the holidays are around the corner and it’s time to get cozy!

Pick a room: Thinking about doing your whole house is too overwhelming. Pick a room that just needs a little help. Maybe start with organizing and purging a few piles or shelves that just need some attention. We all get use to those areas where things collect; old magazines, broken chotchkies, dust-laden, burned-down candles, you know what I’m talking about. This is the last stop–either fix it or pitch it–it’s a new day! Now that you have a nicely organized, dust-free (for the next hour, anyway), de-cluttered area, let’s move on to adding back some character and cozification.

Something that sings to you: This is the place where you can indulge a little. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I’m pretty good about walking through the store and talking myself out of that nubby throw blanket, or that cool set of oriental-patterned bowls, or that chevron pillow. But sometimes you just need to take home the thing that sings to you because it’s going to go a long way to making your house a home! I don’t why I love those little melamine bowls in four shades of orange from Target, but they were on clearance and they sang to me and now when I make oatmeal in the morning, I portion it out into those four little bowls and it’s a little bit of sunshine for breakfast. Let’s not acquire and accumulate, but if we can choose some things have function and form, I say YES! You don’t need a new couch, but maybe your couch could use a new pillow or two and a blanket that calls for some snuggles and books with some of your favorite little people. Or maybe, *gasp* a quiet time to yourself with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine!

Cue the mood: It’s been a day. And oh, what a day. And now, it’s time to light a candle, turn down the lights, and listen to the music. It’s gettin’ super cozy in here! You’ve not overlooked the benefit of a great new lamp and the cozy-factor that indirect lighting (as opposed to overhead lighting) brings. You’ve heard about how burning pure beeswax candles actually purifies the air in your home (maybe because you just read that here), and you bought one at a local shop, so you will be enjoying your aromatherapy responsibly. And finally, the music. Turntable, Pandora channel, radio, your high school boyfriend’s mix CD from back in the day…whatever gives you that feeling of restoration and peace–have it ready and take some good, deep breaths as you listen.

We’re all busy with a lot of great endeavors. The goal is not perfection, but perseverance and creating a few cozy corners can play a big part in giving us what we need to meet the many demands of daily life. Take some time this month to create a stopping place in your life that helps you remember who you are and where you’re going.

This post brought to you by blogger, Jenny Leggett, who has no trouble getting cozy, it’s getting back to business that seems to pose more of a problem.