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Gardening, etc.

By March 14, 2012No Comments

Spring?! Already?! Oh YA!

Who doesn’t love Spring time? The trees are budding, flowers are blooming, the days are warm, it’s inspirational!

Let’s talk GARDENING–all kinds! There are so many reasons to grow stuff with the kiddos:

  • Spend quality time together digging in the dirt and making your yard prettier with flowers.
  • Growing your own food in the garden is a great way to show that food all starts out the same way and doesn’t have to involve cellophane and cartoon characters.
  • Food from the garden is SO convenient! Salad greens all the time! Tomatoes that taste like tomatoes! Chives harvested from the garden with a little haircut! Basil for pesto, presto!

Here are some fun ideas to get GROWING!

 Grow sweet potatoes in a bag

Sweet potatoes In A Bag picture

A bag? What? A BAG! A bag gives the potatoes the dirt volume that they need to grow because it’s a root crop. The plant itself is so pretty and can even be eaten like spinach leaves.  Read more about the nitty gritty and how-to’s here.



Make an herb garden with fun pots and containers

Don’t spend a fortune on brand new, matching urns. Hit some garage sales or head to the thrift stores for some pots. If you want to unify them, paint them fun colors or all one color. A can of spray paint goes a long way and is fun, too! Just make sure you use a drop cloth outside and don’t paint it on the grass, thinking that any evidence will get mowed away later, because your husband might come home and say, “Why are there pink outlines all over the lawn? I just mowed the lawn!” Oops. Anyway, back to the ideas–Any fun container would do, think: baskets, wood crates, enamel pots, pans, tea kettles, wagons, old luggage. Protect the inside of old luggage, baskets, and wooden crates and boxes with plastic; otherwise, these materials will rot.

Make a garden for the fairies!

These are literally enchanting! My middle daughter and I are in love with this idea, so much so that her 11th birthday party is going to be themed around the guests making and taking their very own fairy garden! There are so many container options and the plants and accessories are just adorably tiny! Think of the stories you could imagine together about who lives in your fairy garden and what they do all day. Watch a how-to video here and see more fairy garden ideas.

This post brought to you by Jenny Leggett, who has her vegetable garden drawn out, seeds purchased and is anxiously awaiting the first seedlings to break through!