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Fourth Fun and Food!

By July 2, 2012No Comments

Independence Day is upon us! Yes, it’s hot outside, but what would the Fourth of July be without a summer day, perfect for poolside BBQ’s and friends and family all around?

Here are some fun food ideas and activities to get you going.

The Story of America's BirthdayTeach your toddler The simplest way to explain this holiday–America’s Birthday! And oh, how we celebrate! Take this opportunity to share the story of the birth of our nation in whatever detail you like. If you need a little outline, The Story of America’s Birthday is a great book to read together.

Cool Cubes fill up an ice cube tray or two with water and in the slots add red and blue in some of the cubes and leave some clear or “white”. When they freeze, take the ice cubes out, put them in a plastic bag and let the kiddos play with the cubes.  You can count the cubes, and name the colors to help them learn red, white and blue.

A Dish to Pass Drawing a blank on what to bring to the party? Here are some guaranteed crowd pleasers.

Stars and Stripes Forever sheet cake!Simple sprinkles ice cream sandwich on a stick! Independence Day Sangria!Flag-a-licious Strawberries!

And of course, make sure you include the great songs of the Fourth of July! Happy Fourth, families!