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Feed the Brain Juice!

By January 26, 2012No Comments

One of the many things I love about Kindermusik is how beneficial it is to the development of the brain. Kindermusik aids in physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and language development. Wow! How wonderfully encompassing. My husband and I don’t have children of our own at this point, but when we do, we’ll be Kindermusik-ing weekly so that our children can get the most out of these crucial developmental years. But how can we address the nutritional needs for their growing bodies as well? I have some freshly juiced thoughts….

My husband and I stumbled upon a juicer in our pantry this summer, kindly left behind by my brother-in-law who took off to work on the organic farms of Hawaii. I had never used a juicer before, and honestly thought it was wasting my pantry space and probably needed to go. My husband thought otherwise. Shortly after pulling out the juicer, we watched a documentary on Netflix all about juicing and how wonderful it is. After that, well, I was hooked.

We all know that eating lots of servings of fruits and vegetables is recommended for living a healthy lifestyle. The problem is, you can’t always cook and fry and bake and boil all the vegetables and still expect to get the quality nutrition from them. Darn it. If you’re like me, it is hard to eat the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables in the right way (mostly raw) every day. That’s where juicing comes into play because you can take in a large amount of raw fruits and vegetables one healthy gulp at a time.

My husband and I now try to juice 3 times a week. One of our favorite recipes makes quite the green machine…..

1bunch of Kale
4 stalks of celery
1 cucumber
2 granny smith apples
½ lemon
Small bite of ginger root

All ingredients are certified organic. This green machine is chalk full of nutrients and vitamins and makes 2 large glasses worth of juice. I’ve played with the recipe to make it a little sweeter by adding grapes, or an orange, or any berry – the sky’s the limit!

This is just one example of many juices you can make with a juicer. As children’s tastes buds can be sensitive to some vegetables, many delicious fruit juices can be made fresh with the juicer. But what about all the pulp? Good news, most juicers come with a recipe book that includes ways to use the pulp in other wonderful dishes, so none of that fiber goes to waste!

I look forward to exploring more juicing recipes with my husband soon, and making fresh organic juice a normal part of our future children’s diets. Enjoy!

This post brought to you by Miss Kasey who is fueling herself up with healthy foods to keep up with all of your beautiful babies!