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Little girl in fall coat and leavesIt may not seem very Fall-ish out there right now, but cooler temps are bound to prevail…soon?

Regardless of the weather, there are plenty of activities, inside and outside, that can be fun for the whole family or a play date with friends! I know for me, it can sometimes take more effort to stop and plan something fun to do WITH my kids because it always seems like there’s one more thing to do FOR my kids. One of my favorite memories of my children when they were toddlers will always be how they made me stop and see things through their eyes whether enthusiastically pointing at a bird they hear in the tree or discovering letters or shapes in how they bite away at their sandwich. Their world is getting bigger with every experience they have and you affirm. What an amazing process!!

Print out this fun download I found for you and post it on your fridge! It is a fun list of 10 Ways to Play in October with some great ideas for all ages.

Happy Fall!!


This post brought to you by Jenny Leggett, who is proudly harvesting her blue pumpkins with her kids from her garden and celebrating fall!