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Fall 2014 Kindermusik Themes

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All classes are $70 per month (50% off for sibilngs)*

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Village 0-18 months: Zoom Buggy and Dream Pillow

How many ways can you and your Baby ZOOM? Hop in the Zoom Buggy and find out! Get ready to experience the rumbling of a baby buggy, the squeaky stroller, the bumpa bumpa bumpa of the wagon, the train chugging up the track and much more.
Each activity is carefully planned to stimulate your baby’s developing brain, thereby promoting physical, social, cognitive, emotional, and language development.  
Home Materials: 2 CDs with songs from class, 2 instruments (fish shaker and shape shakers), 2 board books and a set of Art Banners for the nursery wall that strengthens vision and promotes early literacy.

Our Time 1.5-3 Years: Milk & Cookies    

You never knew how fun it could be to stir, wash, dust, hammer and saw until you added a song! It’s all about helping at home, and what better place than a cozy kitchen or Dad’s workshop to nurture a toddler’s need for security balanced with his need for independence.
Home materials: 2 CDs feature 50 songs, sounds, and recordings; 2 story books; Home Activity Book; and stirring xylophone; all conveniently stored in an insulated lunch bag.

Imagine That 3-5 Years: Hello, Weather! Let’s Play Together 

Cloudy with a chance of musical fun! It’s time to turn your attention to the sky as you pretend to jump in mud puddles, make a musical storm, sled in snow, slide around in the wind, and whistle with Mr. Sun. Children will be surrounded in a creative musical environment that integrates music, pretend play, story telling, movement, and more.
Home materials: 2 CDs feature songs, sounds, and recordings; 2 story books; 2 instruments rainshaker/scraper and ankle bells; weather playset, and Home Activity Book.

Young Child 5-7 Years

086Year 1-Semester 1: Is your child ready to read and write music? We’ll get you there with age-approprate dances and games. And a keyboard instrument-the glockenspiel-which will be used throughout all the Young Child classes to get ready for piano lessons.
Home materials: Children’s Folder with stickers, games bag, and Music At Home Cards, Family Songbook, Home CD of music from class, glockenspiel, and canvas bag.
Year 2- Semester 2: Playing simple musical patterns and songs on the featured instrument from the first session-the glockenspiel-is a central focus this semester. While learning to sing a melody, and then play the pattern on the glockenspiel, we’ll delve deeper into the understanding of musical concepts such as piano and forte through orchestra-style music such as the William Tell Overture and Peter and the Wolf. Music appreciation and understanding continues with a complete introduction to the instruments-and the families in which they’re grouped-of the orchestra.
At Home: Children’s Folder with stickers, games bag, and Music At Home Cards, Family Songbook, and Home CD of music from class.

Please note that Semester 2 (Tuesday 4 pm) has a prerequisite completion of Young Child 1 or advance permission

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