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spanishUno Dos Tres Musica

Child Magazine states: “…Exposing your child to a second language builds brain power, vocabulary, and self esteem.”

The latest research shows that learning a second language does more than just make our children bilingual. It actually “supercharges” the brain, stimulating the neurons to form more and more connections, leading to better academic success and a greater love of learning.

Uno Dos Tres Musica is an interactive class where children will enjoy an introduction to Spanish through music and games in a fun, age-appropriate setting.

Topics may include: Saludos (greetings); Colores (colors); Numeros (numbers); Comida (food); Animales (animals); Alfabeto (alphabet); Familia (family).

At this time, we apologize do not have an educator available to teach this curriculum. Please contact us for more information.