Level 4 Class

keyboard-counting5 – 7 year olds

Wouldn’t you love for your child to play an instrument, maybe piano, guitar, even violin, but you’re not quite sure if now is the time?

Parent attends only final 15 minutes of the 45 minute class. Siblings welcome during that time.

  • Explore age-appropriate rhythm instruments (shakers, bells, drums, sticks, sandblocks, and more) and play the glockenspiel for pre-keyboard orientation
  • Explore a piano in class
  • Work closely with a peer group
  • Read, write and compose music by learning musical notation and symbols
  • Discover sequential order
  • Differentiate musical concepts (long/short, fast/slow) and discriminate left/right
  • Get ready for school by drawing simple objects and strengthening vocabulary
  • Imitate melody and match pitch
  • Create new songs and pretend through music, to foster imagination and creativity
  • Dance in a group, to learn social cues and expression in a safe, social environment
  • Sing in several languages and expand the vocal range
  • Home Materials (CD, unit book, and home instrument) will go home with your family at the start of every new theme (September, January, June) for families enrolled at the beginning of each new theme. Families joining after the first month of each new theme will be charged a required materials fee of $70 for the first child and $35 for additional children enrolling.
  • Children must be in kindergarten (or equivalent) to join this class.

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Children must be in kindergarten (or equivalent) to join this class.