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Your class will be led by a Licensed Kindermusik Educator who has all sorts of wonderful things to share with you as you enjoy this precious time with your child. Think of your Educator as your guide, because you are your child’s best and favorite teacher!¬†And remember that the more you put into Kindermusik, both in class and at home, the more your child (and you) will get out of it.

“Every child needs three things from a parent–engagement, engagement and engagement.”
(Ron Taffel, in Childhood Unbound)

Your child needs you to be 100% available for him/her during these precious 45 minutes with your eyes, ears, hands, heart and voice. The conversation is between you and your child.

Quiet Time

Down time is critical because a child cannot function in constant “acquisition mode”. There must be time for the brain and body to process and recover. We invite you to relax and enjoy this moment of peace in your day and model “doing nothing” for your child!


We are fine with wandering. That’s how a child explores and regardless of how it looks, children are still participating, even when not in your lap. Feel free to let them be, or go to them and engage them wherever they are in the room.
Your child will respond to you best with face-to-face, eye-to-eye engagement and less so with verbal directions from across the room. So if your child needs instruction, please go to him/her.


Follow your child. Your baby will tell you what he/she likes or doesn’t like; your job is to listen to him/her. There is no one way to participate; the ideal class would have every adult-baby pair doing something different because that means everyone is doing what’s best for their child at that moment.


“The most important emotional accomplishment of the toddler years is reconciling the urge to become competent and self-reliant with the longing for parental love and protection.” (Alicia Lieberman, in The Emotional Life of a Toddler)
In other words, these children love to do things themselves but only in small, safe steps. Enjoy the hugs when they come back to you! If they need to participate differently in some activities, please recognize they are simply longing to connect with you.

Big Kids

Our preschoolers love coming to class on their own. Please prepare them to expect this and that you’ll be just outside waiting for them and will see them at the end of the class (for the final 15 minutes, don’t be late!) But be advised that your return can be so very exciting. Often, this manifests itself as either extreme excitement or withdrawal. Please know that this is normal and expected.
If your child resists your leaving at the start of class, feel free to sit in the back and participate, then gently and gradually withdraw. Your educator will guide you.

Rough Day?

If your child is having a rough day, please step outside a moment so you can both take a deep breath. There are days that it just isn’t going to happen; that’s why we offer makeups.

If you have any concerns, your Educator is available to help after class.
Or you can always email her using her