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*IN-PERSON CLASS: Wednesdays 9:00am (Richardson)

sistersAges 0 – 5 (siblings or solos)

Life with children is hectic. Make it easy on yourself and bring the whole family!

  • Multi-layered learning–something for everyone!
  • Explore rhythm instruments appropriate for every age (shakers, bells, drums, sticks, sandblocks, and more)
  • Cultivate both leadership and imitation as big kids model for the little ones
  • Learn from peers, and learn how to interact with a variety of ages, from infants to big kids
  • Dance with friends to learn social cues and expression, or dance in a family circle to build strong family bonds and make warm family memories
  • Take turns and share, building respect for peers and adults
  • Build secure routines that help a family’s day go more smoothly
  • Roll, crawl, move, dance, jump, gallop, and skip–practice gross motor skills to feel the beat throughout the body
  • Listen attentively to new and familiar sounds
  • Strengthen muscles, build emotional security, wiggle and giggle through lap bounces
  • Talk and share as a family and connect with other families for support
  • Make conversation, play with words, and model communication skills
  • Home Materials (CD, unit book, and home instrument) will go home with your family at the start of every new theme (September, January, June) for families enrolled at the beginning of each new theme. Families joining after the first month of each new theme will be charged a required materials fee of $40 for the first child and $20 for additional children enrolling.

More than one child? More than one option!

  1. Bring each child to his/her own class for some dedicated one-on-one.
  2. Choose a class for your older child and bring the younger sibling, too. Once the younger sibling is up and moving and participating (around 4-8 months), we’ll begin charging half price for the younger sibling. Until then, we’ll just charge you for the older child. Please contact us in advance so we can help you balance the needs of both children and make adjustments if it doesn’t work out.
  3. Bring the whole family! First child is full price, second child is 50% off, additional siblings 80% off. Please register each child individually for Mixed Age. 

Join a class anytime!

View our year-round schedule here
Class waitlisted? Don’t delay in adding yourself to the list!  We’ll get you in as quickly as we can and won’t charge you until we do.