Class Notes: Summer Part 2

Village (0-18 months): Busy Days Set your baby’s day to classical music. Each lesson features new activities and songs you can sing for all the places you go together–the store, the playground, the doctor, and more.    Our Time (1.5-3.5 years): Zoo Train Hop aboard the Allee-Allee O! Music, instruments, and stories will take us to polar bears, kangaroos, elephants, monkeys,… Continue reading →

Nursery Rhymes to Readers

How can Kindermusik teach my child to read? Simple answer: Nursery rhymes + rhyming songs + finger plays now = readers later. Long answer (for those who like research and detail): “…There is a strong relation between early knowledge of nursery rhymes and success in reading and spelling over the next three years…Knowledge of nursery rhymes… Continue reading →

What’s Happening in Kindermusik Village

March 2014: What we’re doing and why we do it! DEW DROPS REPETITION Repetition of experiences causes the connections between brain cells, the synapses, to strengthen, become stable and build Baby’s brain. TRUST The hello ritual develops emotional stability and a feeling of trust and well being between adults and babies. The first year f life is a “crucial… Continue reading →