Where will your child’s passion begin?

Where will your child’s passion begin? I recently heard an interview with the president of Barnard College (affiliated with Columbia University) and she mentioned what she looks for in the admissions process there, and previously at Harvard. She mentioned the number of applications coming from “box-checkers”, applicants who have tried and pursued a variety of… Continue reading →

Red Tricycle Awards Winner

We won! Thank you for voting and thank you for helping us to WIN the Red Tricycle Awards as the Dallas Region’s Most Awesome Kids Music Class! We were in good company with the runners up, but with over 236,000 votes cast with Red Tricycle, you chose Kindermusik by SoundSteps of Dallas! We’re honored and… Continue reading →

Class Highlights from Miss Sarah

Sometimes when I look out over my classes as they hop, sing, bounce and laugh together, I pause to think about how I got there.  How did I find myself standing in a big room with a squishy floor beneath my feet and a pink scarf wrapped around my shoulders like butterfly wings.  In college,… Continue reading →

Spring 2013 Themes

We like EASY! If you were already in Kindermusik this fall, nothing further is needed. If not, get enrolled today! If you have the materials below from an older child, you may qualify for a free month of tuition! Click here for materials request form.      NEW themes begin the weeks of January 19-25 (mid-year… Continue reading →

Clap HOORAY for a NEW Location!

St. Alcuin  (on Churchill Way, between Hillcrest and Preston) Consider joining us with your child on the gorgeous St. Alcuin Montessori campus starting in September. These classes are open to the public and are are the same parent-child Kindermusik classes we offer at our other locations. Wednesdays 9 am toddlers 1.5-3.5 years Wednesdays 10 am… Continue reading →

Fall 2012 Kindermusik Themes

All classes are $67 per month (35-65% off for sibilngs)* Click Here to Register    Village 0-18 months: Zoom Buggy and Dream Pillow How many ways can you and your Baby ZOOM? Hop in the Zoom Buggy and find out! Get ready to experience the rumbling of a baby buggy, the squeaky stroller, the bumpa… Continue reading →

Don’t! Stop!

I’ve had my share of moments when I’ve told a child, “Stop running” or “Don’t touch.” But I am proud to say most of those moments are in the past because I’ve learned that those directions are essentially meaningless to a child. Sure, you want your child to be able to comply and follow verbal… Continue reading →

The 7-year Continuum of Kindermusik

Likely you’ve heard your educator refer to the 7-year Kindermusik experience during class. We know many of you are just getting adjusted to life with a baby or toddler so we aren’t trying to disguise “marketing” a 7-year commitment. But as you probably have gathered, everything we do in Kindermusik is very purposeful—very age-appropriate, well… Continue reading →

Family Appreciation Day 2012

180 children! 400ish people! 100 popsicles! 648 pair of underpants! What a day! We had abundant sunshine, fun-filled train rides, and scads of fun families for the SoundSteps Family Appreciation Day 2012. And, just like you so many times before, your generosity has provided 648 pair of underpants for Vogel Alcove Childcare Center for the… Continue reading →