An Educator’s Best Trick for Good Manners For Children

Tricks For Teaching Manners DISCLAIMER: Not everything that works for teachers works for parents, sorry. I recently read a post where a parent of a teen lamented that her children’s friends didn’t say please, thank you, or the like. She was at a loss on how to address it so if you, too, are perplexed,… Continue reading →

Get that baby his own class!

Are you sleeping, Brother John? Poor Baby Brother, he gets dragged to every dance class and gets no activity that is “his!” And poor Baby Sister, how many times in and out of the car seat does she go? Between Preschool, the grocery store, soccer practice…Let’s face it, Baby Brother craves one-on-one with Mama and… Continue reading →

What Spectrum?

At Carson’s 15-month-old check-up, he wasn’t pointing, he wasn’t clapping very much and he rarely waved goodbye. He had his dozen words but that was about it for him, verbally. He was walking on his first birthday and I knew his was extremely strong. While teaching my Village classes, I observed a 15-month-old who knew… Continue reading →

It’s a SoundSteps Pep Rally!

Wow! When we read this article about practical tips that can help prepare kids academically and socially, Miss Lisa and I lit up with a thousand follow-up thoughts, aggressive head-nods and out-loud exclamations of agreement! After-all, it’s not as if you’ve never heard some of these things spelled out on this very blog. We’ve talked about… Continue reading →