A word from parents, Raul and Christy!

Meet Raul and Christy, parents of Michael! Michael came his first class at 9 months old. Christy and Raul have seen that Kindermusik enabled Michael to be more in tune with his musicality, as well as his overall growth. Since he started at a young age it has helped with his motor, listening, social and… Continue reading →

A Word from a Mom, Charity

Meet Charity! Charity has taken Kindermusik with her family for about 6 years. Her oldest began at 6 months, her next at 3 months, and the baby will begin soon! “Kindermusik has really taken my children’s imagination above and beyond. For my oldest, it seemed to really jump-start his developmental milestones.  For my middle, she… Continue reading →

A Word from a Mom, Amy

Meet Amy and her family. Amy was recently a mom-tester on Good Morning, America, so she’s always looking for the best for her family. We asked her, “What is Kindermusik to you?” Kindermusik is a time of the day that is 100% focused on my kids and their development using music, singing, dancing and play.… Continue reading →