Coffee and Wine: The Secret to Surviving Sleep Training (and other parenting challenges!)

Guest Post from Galit Birk, PhD, Kindermusik mom since 2009   I am finding that parenting my second child is often more challenging than parenting my first. Makes sense, right? Now I have two as opposed to one to get ready in the morning, to make meals for, to clean up after, to spread my attention… Continue reading →

The Open-Ended Toy (guest post)

Why do all babies prefer the boxes, paper and ribbons over the expensive, flashy toys at their first birthday party? Why do all toddlers love to play in the kitchen drawer where you keep the leftovers storage containers? How long have building blocks of some kind been a staple in households where young children play?… Continue reading →

Are you a good mom?

Today, we welcome guest blogger, Beth of from During pregnancy and right after having my first born, I just loved it when my friends would tell me, “you’re going to be a great mom.” This was so reassuring because honestly I worried with the thought that maybe I wouldn’t be a good mom. It… Continue reading →

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