Summer Sorbet

Yay for summer produce! Strawberries are inexpensive, abundant, and flavorful! Make a fun and delectable dessert with your family with this simple sorbet. This strawberry huller is a great little gadget for little helpers. You really only need to rough chop these strawberries because they’re just going into the food processor a little later. I… Continue reading →

Shake Them ‘Simmons Down!

Have you ever eaten a persimmon? I, like Miss Lisa, I grew up in California, and someone was always giving us a paper bag full of them in the Fall–hey! maybe it was Mr. Muratore! This delicate oriental fruit is native of China. It spread to Japan very long ago and later was introduced to California… Continue reading →

National Ice Cream Month

In 1984, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed July as National Ice Cream Month. He called for all people of the United States to observe these events with “appropriate ceremonies and activities”. Five Fun Historic Ice Cream Facts: The earliest reference to ice cream given by the Oxford English Dictionary is from 1744. Ice cream was introduced… Continue reading →

Summer Treats

Recently, I overheard a mother admit, with a slight tinge of embarrassment, that she has convinced her 3 year old daughter that the squat little white truck playing the chirpy tune all summer long is a “music truck”, intended to bring joy to the neighborhood by circling the block playing “Do Your Ears Hang Low”… Continue reading →

Fourth Fun and Food!

Independence Day is upon us! Yes, it’s hot outside, but what would the Fourth of July be without a summer day, perfect for poolside BBQ’s and friends and family all around? Here are some fun food ideas and activities to get you going. Teach your toddler The simplest way to explain this holiday–America’s Birthday! And… Continue reading →

Restaurant Round-Up!

#1 Let’s just start out with a little disclaimer: this is not a comprehensive list and you should definitely verify with each restaurant before walking in and saying, “But Miss Lisa said so!” #2 We want to hear about your favorites not on the list, or just the best places to eat even without discounts?… Continue reading →

Kid Food Beyond the Nuggets

To this day, when we get together at our mom and dad’s house, our mom will make a separate salad for my youngest sister (mind you, said sister is a grown mother of two herself) because Mom knows that “she doesn’t like tomatoes or avocados.” Considerate? I think not! Our mom must have a pretty… Continue reading →

The Gift of a Meal

This is a tradition that is as old as the hills and it needs to be kept alive! What is more beautiful at the end of a day of a newborn breastfeeding marathon, a toddler that seems to think she needs to snack as often as the baby and, oh ya, what’s the record for… Continue reading →