Buying a Piano or Keyboard?

How do we buy a piano? Is a keyboard ok? I field this question at least once a week, so here’s an explanation of the considerations when purchasing a piano (or keyboard). The first thing you need to keep in mind is that resale of a piano or keyboard is nearly impossible. So buy what you… Continue reading →

Meet the Kinder-Cats

Introducing the newest members of the Kindermusik family! Meet Biscotti and Baci (Cookies and Kisses!) Biscotti is the “oreo” boy and Baci is the sweet girl, solid black, and both have the most golden eyes. We fell in love when we saw this picture, but these beauties were at a rescue far, far away…in Montreal, so… Continue reading →

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What’s Mine is Yours

Those seagulls from Finding Nemo always make me laugh. They have one thing on the brain: themselves. As for our children, from about 2-7 years old, they are a lot like the seagulls: egocentric. Egocentrism refers to the child’s inability to see a situation from another person’s point of view. The child assumes that other… Continue reading →

Class Highlights from Miss Sarah

Sometimes when I look out over my classes as they hop, sing, bounce and laugh together, I pause to think about how I got there.  How did I find myself standing in a big room with a squishy floor beneath my feet and a pink scarf wrapped around my shoulders like butterfly wings.  In college,… Continue reading →

Getting to Know Miss Jenn!

What can families expect from Miss Jenn’s class? All different caregivers are bringing children to my classes. I use the word “grown-up” to be more inclusive. I go with the flow of the class. If the children need something upbeat, I might switch up the order of the songs, etc. Why Miss Jenn loves the… Continue reading →

Getting to Know Miss Jenni!

What can families expect from Miss Jenni’s class? Wow…this is a hard one…I think you should ask the parents 😉  I guess I would say that I try to be authentic in every aspect of my class — from my preperation, to my interaction with the caregiver/child as they walk in the room, to my… Continue reading →

Getting to Know Miss Diana!

What can families expect from Miss Diana’s class? Becoming a first time parent is a wonderful life changing experience, but if this huge life change is not everything you hoped it would be, it can be hard to discuss these surprising feelings.  The Village class at St. Alcuin is a safe place where new parents… Continue reading →

Getting to know Miss Joanna

What can families expect from Miss Joanna’s class? I am a Lakewood resident and a mostly-at-home mom to my 17-month old daughter, so I feel like I have a lot in common with the families who are in my classes.  It’s fun seeing Kindermusik families outside of class in LECPTA playgroups or at Lakewood park. … Continue reading →

Getting to know Miss Sarah!

What can families expect from Miss Sarah’s class? Parents have said they are thankful for the intimate community in class. Why Miss Sarah loves the Kindermusik way! When I brought by little boy, Noah, to his first Kindermusik trial class, I knew this was something I wanted to be involved in because of the joy I… Continue reading →

Getting to know Miss Jennifer!

What can families expect from Miss Jennifer’s class? People will experience a genuine, warm welcome in my class. Beyond a ‘music’ class, children and adults alike have the opportunity to gain a friend. Whether it be another mom in the class or me as the teacher, we are all there to grow in love, laughter,… Continue reading →