Coffee and Wine: The Secret to Surviving Sleep Training (and other parenting challenges!)

Guest Post from Galit Birk, PhD, Kindermusik mom since 2009   I am finding that parenting my second child is often more challenging than parenting my first. Makes sense, right? Now I have two as opposed to one to get ready in the morning, to make meals for, to clean up after, to spread my attention… Continue reading →

Learn More about Young Lives

Do you remember the sticker shock the first time you bought a new pack of diapers? Or maybe the real shock was when you realized how quickly you went through them? Now imagine you’re 14, 15, 16 years old and needing diapers for your baby! That’s just one of many challenges the nearly 30 girls… Continue reading →

Dallas is a great place for families!

Anybody else notice what’s going on around here? By here, we mean Dallas. And by “what’s going on?” we mean the evolution of our little neighborhoods into THE destination for families. Dallas is a big place, but right here—in Dallas proper—we have multiple world-class activities, destinations, and resources that are truly unmatched anywhere. This came… Continue reading →

Family Appreciation Day 2012

180 children! 400ish people! 100 popsicles! 648 pair of underpants! What a day! We had abundant sunshine, fun-filled train rides, and scads of fun families for the SoundSteps Family Appreciation Day 2012. And, just like you so many times before, your generosity has provided 648 pair of underpants for Vogel Alcove Childcare Center for the… Continue reading →

Vogel Alcove: What you don’t know

Update: Read here about how SoundSteps families collected 648 pair of underpants! Not every Kindermusik class is listed on our website. That’s because on Friday mornings, a  Kindermusik educator goes deep downtown to Vogel Alcove Childcare for Homeless Children. We donate time and profits and provide free Friday morning classes for the children in this… Continue reading →

Who are the people in your neighborhood?

I remember that song from Sesame Street when I was growing up. Now, Dallas is a pretty spread out, car-oriented city, but within that, I feel like I have true friends in these people. Exxon Guy: So lets start with the early morning stop at the Exxon station at Mockingbird and Greenville. We discontinued our… Continue reading →

SoundSteps Families Rock!

Take a look at all of these donations! Thank you to our Kindermusik families who donated at our church locations. This is the gathering of goods from just one of our locations, Lakewood UMC, where we collected lots of maternity clothes and baby items for teen moms at Woodrow Wilson High School.

Even Christmas is bigger in Texas!

A very, merry, Dallas Christmas to you all! It’s a busy time of year, but it’s hard to resist the variety of huge family-friendly events and outings that are here to enjoy. Hopefully you have some low-key, at-home events planned with something as simple as Christmas music playing and cookie decorating. But, if you’re looking… Continue reading →