A word from parents, Raul and Christy!

Meet Raul and Christy, parents of Michael! Michael came his first class at 9 months old. Christy and Raul have seen that Kindermusik enabled Michael to be more in tune with his musicality, as well as his overall growth. Since he started at a young age it has helped with his motor, listening, social and… Continue reading →

A Word from a Mom, Charity

Meet Charity! Charity has taken Kindermusik with her family for about 6 years. Her oldest began at 6 months, her next at 3 months, and the baby will begin soon! “Kindermusik has really taken my children’s imagination above and beyond. For my oldest, it seemed to really jump-start his developmental milestones.  For my middle, she… Continue reading →

A Word from a Mom, Amy

Meet Amy and her family. Amy was recently a mom-tester on Good Morning, America, so she’s always looking for the best for her family. We asked her, “What is Kindermusik to you?” Kindermusik is a time of the day that is 100% focused on my kids and their development using music, singing, dancing and play.… Continue reading →

Spring 2013 Themes

We like EASY! If you were already in Kindermusik this fall, nothing further is needed. If not, get enrolled today! If you have the materials below from an older child, you may qualify for a free month of tuition! Click here for materials request form.      NEW themes begin the weeks of January 19-25 (mid-year… Continue reading →

Get that baby his own class!

Are you sleeping, Brother John? Poor Baby Brother, he gets dragged to every dance class and gets no activity that is “his!” And poor Baby Sister, how many times in and out of the car seat does she go? Between Preschool, the grocery store, soccer practice…Let’s face it, Baby Brother craves one-on-one with Mama and… Continue reading →

Tips for enjoying Kindermusik together

Your class will be led by a Licensed Kindermusik Educator who has all sorts of wonderful things to share with you as you enjoy this precious time with your child. Think of your Educator as your guide, because you are your child’s best and favorite teacher! And remember that the more you put into Kindermusik,… Continue reading →

Clap HOORAY for a NEW Location!

St. Alcuin  (on Churchill Way, between Hillcrest and Preston) Consider joining us with your child on the gorgeous St. Alcuin Montessori campus starting in September. These classes are open to the public and are are the same parent-child Kindermusik classes we offer at our other locations. Wednesdays 9 am toddlers 1.5-3.5 years Wednesdays 10 am… Continue reading →

Fall 2012 Kindermusik Themes

All classes are $67 per month (35-65% off for sibilngs)* Click Here to Register    Village 0-18 months: Zoom Buggy and Dream Pillow How many ways can you and your Baby ZOOM? Hop in the Zoom Buggy and find out! Get ready to experience the rumbling of a baby buggy, the squeaky stroller, the bumpa… Continue reading →

Summer 2012

  Reserve your spot today We won’t charge you until June 1 Please note that summer enrollment is separate from school year enrollment so EVERYONE must save a spot with a new enrollment for summer! Classes begin the week of May 29 and run 10 weeks Most classes $225 per child (sibling discounts available) Includes… Continue reading →

Behavior 101

Moving through the day with a toddler can be an exercise in patience and communication. We never want to motivate with anger or fear, but frustration is a close cousin that seems to waiting in the wings more often that not. Throw in that every child has their own learning style and response patterns and… Continue reading →