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The “Aunt Miss Lisa” Challenge

By January 21, 2015No Comments

59I’m always encouraging families in Kindermusik to sing through the week. Now, with the birth of my nephew, it’s my turn. I gave Mom and Dad an iPod with thousands of Kindermusik recordings (yes, there are thousands) for Baby Muratore to listen to back in August. But now that we have a Baby Boy, I need him to know his Aunt Lisa and especially, know my voice.

So with the help of the iPhone, I started his first day with Aunt Lisa’s Song of the Day. I’m committed to singing him one song every day. I’m posting here so that all of you can ask me if I’m keeping my promise.

Now for the challenge

But then I thought, “I’m sure every Kindermusik parent sings to their child at least one song every day, right? Or do they?” What if they don’t? What if a child didn’t hear Mom or Dad sing to him/her every single day?”

So here’s the Aunt Miss Lisa challenge: Sing your child one song per day.

Is this absurd? You already sing all day long? (I hope so!)
Or is it a stretch? Whether you like the sound of your voice or not, the challenge is to sing at least one song a day, preferably so many songs a day that you cannot count!

Don’t let a lack of musical confidence hold you back from something that could have such a powerful impact on your child’s life. Remember that your child’s favorite sound in the whole world is your voice and there’s no better way to make it through your day than with a song. Add some hugs and smiles and you’ll be on your way.

How many songs did you sing your child today? Tell us here!