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Anyone have something fun to share? (Meet my new inspiration)

By May 7, 2015No Comments
2015-03-11 11.15.17

My nephew’s ACTUAL first Kindermusik class was at home, on my Spring Break. After chugging, bouncing, flying, and rocking, he fell asleep in my arms.

I always invite families to share during class, the good/bad/ugly of their parenting journey this week.

Last week, it was my turn to share. My precious new nephew had his first Kindermusik class. It’s safe to say none of us imagined marriage or children for my brother so this is an unexpectedly precious gift. My heart overflowed with joy when his wife sent the picture of my brother and their baby in Kindermusik.

Babies are magical. Yes, they’re challenging and delicious and adorable and all of that, but Babies are magical because they change your life in ways you never dream of.

I’ve taught Kindermusik for 18 years and in all those years, even as the top Kindermusik educator in the US, meeting “my” Baby reminded me that 1) There’s always so much more to learn and 2) More than ever, I am committed to getting Kindermusik to as many families as I can.

Here’s what I learned from this little guy:


Mom & Dad need a toolbox full, full, full.

Sure, you’ve got books and apps. You’ve got the latest gadgets. You’ve got rattles, toys, you name it. But there’s nothing better than a song to change the moment.

Songs, bounces, bath songs, food songs: Music can help you make it through the day. My brother, at one point said, “Aunt Lisa has a song for everything.”
I wouldn’t expect you to have a library in your brain of 6000+ children’s songs so you can pull out a song for Riding in the Buggy or Chop Chop Chippity Chopping carrots for soup, but every parent needs songs to pass hours, calm, cue routines, accompany adventures–whatever is called for to change the trajectory of the day.

Parents need connections, and soon!

You can sing all day at home (and that’s what I want for you). But here’s the thing: You need someone else to love your Baby. That’s why you come to class. Kindermusik is one place that is free of judgement and a place where Baby can do just about anything and we celebrate that together. Let our classroom community love your child.

Yes, there are parenting blogs and online groups, and you can spend hours getting answers, reassurance, and support. But there’s nothing like the Kindermusik classroom to help you take a deep breath and say, “Hey, I’ve got this.” You don’t have to go it alone and even music isn’t your thing, you’ll find a special sort of support “on the floor” at Kindermusik that is rare.

Music is key to development

My sister-in-law said to me, “Right after you visited, it was like he completely changed. I saw all these new things happening after that.” Does this Baby have the World’s Greatest Aunt? OR maybe, the Music + Baby = magic!