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A Word from a Mom, Charity

By February 20, 2013No Comments

Meet Charity! Charity has taken Kindermusik with her family for about 6 years. Her oldest began at 6 months, her next at 3 months, and the baby will begin soon!

“Kindermusik has really taken my children’s imagination above and beyond. For my oldest, it seemed to really jump-start his developmental milestones.  For my middle, she just loved, loved, loved being around all the other children and being social with them.

For my oldest, it’s really given him a love for music.  He wants to continue beyond Kindermusik and take violin lessons.  For my middle, it’s given her a love for songs and singing.  She sings all the time…about everything.  She loves to make up her own songs. I don’t know that they are “musical”, but they sure do love it. They are definitely good listeners, more verbal and have bigger vocabularies because they’ve been exposed to so many different kinds of music and activities.”

“Our favorite songs over the years: Bow, wow, wow, Zoo Train songs, Peek-a- Boo, I Love You, The Indian chant songs…really there are too many to list! We play every CD over and over and over. It’s just about all we listen to. The kids know all the songs and love them all!

We read and reread My Big Blue Boat, Hurry Home Little Kittens, Michael Finnegan, Jingle Jangle Jamorbine, and Oh, What Busy Days.”

Every now and then, when they’re baking, the children surprise Mom and Dad and start singing songs from Milk and Cookies from years ago!

“As a parent, I enjoyed Roll Over, Rover, lap bouncing, circle dances, and anything with up and down movement. I have grown from Kindermusik and sing more confidently. I make up songs for the kids all the time and I’m really not afraid to sing to them wherever we are. I would never have done that before Kindermusik. I really don’t care what others think. The most important thing to me is that I’m a good mother.  Sometimes that means doing crazy things like singing in the middle of a store if you need a distraction.”

“And Lisa and Lowry have shared a lot with me over the years so I feel like I have more tools as a parent.”

What would Charity tell another parent?

“I would tell them it’s the ONE activity I would not give up for my child.  I truly believe it encompasses so much of what’s important in the development of a child–from babies to older kids. It aids in physical development, emotional development, social development, imagination, cognitive development.  It really is the one activity that includes it all.

Parents and baby in Kindermusik class

photo courtesy of Kindermusik International