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A Word from a Mom, Amy

By February 12, 2013No Comments

Meet Amy and her family. Amy was recently a mom-tester on Good Morning, America, so she’s always looking for the best for her family. We asked her, “What is Kindermusik to you?”

Kindermusik is a time of the day that is 100% focused on my kids and their development using music, singing, dancing and play.

They are in a very positive friendly environment and are able to be creative with no real rules/restrictions.

Amy goes on to write:

“I have been involved in Kindermusik since the summer of 2007 with my 4 children:

  • William – now 5 ½ – started classes when he was 4 months old
  • Bennett – now 3 – started classes when he was 6 months old
  • Catherine and Elizabeth – 17 months – started classes when they were 6 months old

I keep coming back because I believe Kindermusik has set a foundation for my kids in music. Anytime we listen to the cd’s in the car William and Bennett immediately play remember when…and talk about Miss Lisa, the instruments, the friends they met and they ALWAYS remember the music! I enjoy telling the boys about the twins class and then listen to the boys talk about their time in Kindermusik.

Because of Kindermusik, William and Bennett are very musical…I have an idea the twins will be too. We love listening to all kinds of music. William is extremely verbal always has




We use Kindermusik all day long! I seem to sing “Toys Away” MANY times a day. Several times William and Bennett will sing a song and ask me to video it and send it to Miss Lisa.

One afternoon as we were heading home for naps…the twins were fussy, the boys were bickering and my husband, Trey was at a loss. I turned on a Kindermusik CD and IMMEDIATLEY everyone was quiet and the boys actually started singing along. Trey’s words…”That is AMAZING!”

I find myself signing throughout the day…about eating breakfast, putting laundry away, getting buckled in the car…most of the times the boys just laugh but believe it or not, they start singing back!

Things we love that we got from Kindermusik:

  • The foam duck with the mirror is a FAVORITE bath toy of all 4 kids
  • The wagon ride in the laundry basket
  • Swinging in a blanket
  • Keeping parchment paper in my bag as a “toy”
  • Playing with paper plates
  • Bubbles from that can be used inside
  • Favorite books
  • Cock-a-doodle-MOO!
  • This is my Dance
  • Animal Serenade
  • At my House

Some of my DEAREST friends I have met in Kindermusik.

There are many tips I have learned throughout the years and I hope now being a mom of FOUR kids, I can offer tips that have worked for me.”


The twins on a laundry basket wagon ride!

So many of our families share similar stories of their experiences with Kindermusik. We’ll be sharing more stories from other moms in the coming weeks. You don’t need musical experience to try Kindermusik. You and your child will benefit on so many levels even beyond the music. The cognitive development, social interaction, group-play skills, and just plain FUN are all benefits that will stay with them forever. Jump in any time, try a class for free, and start making memories and moments with Kindermusik!

Fun with friends in Kindermusik class!

Fun with friends in Kindermusik class!