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A note from Miss Le’Shea

By November 28, 2011January 12th, 2012No Comments

I am blessed to be wife to Mark and mother to Virginia and Christopher. Mark and I married in the summer of 1993 with time on our side. We spent the first 7 years of our marriage living in exotic cities such as Vero Beach, FL and Louisville, KY and enjoying being married and young. We were having the time of our lives.

In the spring of 2000 we found a lovely home in the best neighborhood around. It’s a friendly spot and a great place to raise the children we didn’t yet have. It was the perfect time to start our family. Our first child arrived November 2000. I knew the moment I saw her that I was put on this earth to be a mom. I’d never felt more confident or purposeful. I quit my job and settled into being a mommy. I was happily busy with diapers, play dates and very little sleep. I was a natural and it was absolutely the best way I could spend my time.

Our family was complete the summer of 2004 with the birth of our son. At 36 years old I was considered advanced maternal age, ouch! Time was catching up with me. As much as I loved “mommy hood” I’ll be the first to admit I wondered what it would be like when everyone was in school and I had 7 hours all to myself. I would scrapbook, read all those books piled up on my night stand, get the house in tip top shape and invite friends over for long lunches.

My babies are now 11 and 7. I stay busy while the kids are in school each day but those books are still unread, the scrapbook is incomplete and the house is a mess. Where does the time go?

Although I’m not always good at it, I do try to live in the moment and not wish time away. I encourage you to do the same. I know those midnight feedings get tiresome but before you know it he’ll not only be sleeping through the night but having sleepovers. The tantrums of a three year old can stomp the life out of you but before you know it he’s not just expressing himself calmly (sort of)  but also reciting lines for the class musical. That baby that you tote around and is the reason your hips are misaligned – well watch out- not only will she soon be walking…she’ll be riding a bike, a skateboard and playing soccer.

It goes by quickly – Hold on and enjoy it because once time’s gone; you’ll never get it back.

This post brought to you by Miss Le’Shea