Sign up for your Makeup Class or Visit or our Summer Celebration classes Now 

Did you know that you can makeup any missed classes at any time, even if you’re not actively enrolled?  It does not even have to be the enrolled child. You could bring a sibling or a new baby. Whatever works for you works for us!

Fees are not prorated or refundable for missed classes.

(Please try to schedule makeups at least the day before the class so we can communicate any special circumstances if necessary.)

Join our Summer Celebration!  Purple Nest families enrolled during the months of June, July, and August can again attend as many classes as they would like to all summer – in addition to their regularly enrolled weekly class! Come to your regular classes, then sign up week-by-week to visit other classes too!  Super convenient and flexible for crazy summer schedules!  Sign-ups are required in advance to make sure we’ll have room for you so simply use our link below!

We schedule our Makeups or Visits or Summer Celebration classes with the link: MakeUps or Visits or Summer Celebration Classes